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Ontario Rodent Control: The 4 Most Common Entry Points Rodents can get in

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022 by Greeny's Pest Control

With the cooler fall weather now upon us Rodent infestations in Canada are on the rise. From Wasaga Beach to Toronto and everywhere in between, Ontario homeowners are reaching out to local Pest Control Companies to see what they can do about their rodent issues. Here is a list of the 4 most common entry points where rodents could be getting in and what you can do about it.

Weep Holes/Cracks in Exterior Walls

A common rule of thumb (Pun very much intended) used to find rodent entry points around the home is that if your finger can fit into the crack/gap then a mouse can also fit in it. Inspecting your home to determine whether or not there are cracks in the brick or if the weep holes are left open (The gaps left out between bricks which allow the house to breathe) is a crucial step in achieving a rodent proofed home. As a homeowner your best solution is to find ways to block these entry points with materials that still allow the wall voids to breath. This ensures that no moisture builds up in the walls which could result in mold growth.

Holes in the Foundation

Our next entry point is a bit trickier to spot as you won’t be looking at the structure of the home but instead for tunnels adjacent to the foundation. This issue is more commonly found in older homes that have seen years of winter heaving which has caused the foundation to break somewhere underground. As a homeowner your options are limited in this situation, you can either try to fix the foundation (This could cost thousands of dollars and may require an experienced contractor) or you can look to a Professional Pest Control Company that offers rodent proofing services. In the picture above, Greeny’s Pest Control has secured a rodent proof mesh to prevent rodents from easy access to their original burrow. Since Rodents are creatures of habit, they will eventually move on once they realize they can no longer access this part of the home.

Gaps in the soffits

If there’s one place that rodents love, it's the attic! These spaces are often away from potential threats and offer a warm space to nest within the insulation. An in depth soffit inspection is a crucial part of the rodent proofing process as pest damage in these areas are quite common. This part of the home is made of light gauge tin/aluminum, and can be broken quite easily. In Canada, this is most commonly a result of a rogue street hockey ball being shot in the air! This fix can once again be tricky as replacing soffits can be quite expensive. Once again, your best bet may be to contact a rodent proofing company as they will likely have a more cost-effective solution.

Garage-Door Seals

Garage door seals are by far the easiest point of entry for rodents. This soft rubber usually means that mice and rats can chew right through to the other side. This issue usually requires a multitude of approaches which will ensure rodents stay out. We suggest:

1. Replacing the rubber seal if there is any damage or if the piece is too short

2. Inserting Aluminum Strips within the rubber seal so rodents stop chewing

3. Having a professional apply rodent repellents

4. Using traps within the garage to ensure rodents can’t go any further

If you are facing rodent issues and feel that a professional Pest Control Company is your best bet, Greeny’s has you covered! Feel free to contact us through our website or by calling us at (519) 216-2090.

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