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Greeny's Mosquito & Tick Control Program

Mosquitoes and Ticks dont just ruin a nice evening in the backyard, they can also pose serious health risks occasionally carrying infections such as West Nile Virus (Mosquitoes) and Lyme Disease (Ticks). 

Greeny's Pest Control offers several treatment options for individuals ranging from longer lasting synthetic options to shorter lived organic solutions.

Greeny's Mosquito & Tick Treatments generally follows these three steps:

1. Each one of Greeny's Mosquito & Tick Protection Plans start off with a full property inspection to determine where the problems are coming from.

2. One of Greeny's Licences Pest Professionals will then treat these areas with ministry approved products,  providing up to a month of Mosquito & Tick reduction.

3. Greeny's will then return on a monthly basis until the end of September to ensure the Mosquitoes & Ticks don't return by retreating the area for you.

To schedule your first Mosquito & Tick treatment or get a quote, contact us today!

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