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Our Mission

Here at Greeny's our mission in the pest control industry is two fold;


First and foremost, Greeny's ensures that clients only pay what they need to by offering our services both individually and in packages


This strategy saves our customers money and helps us reduce our overall use of pesticide products, leading to the second part of our mission.


Greeny's Pest Control prioritizes environmentally responsible practices which allows for our treatments to have minimal impact on non-target species and the environment. 

Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that ethical behaviour is prioritized in every interactions we have between our customers and the natural environment.

Service Area

Greeny's Pest Control is based out of Dufferin County. We service all areas within an hour drive. If you are unsure whether we can service your location feel free to contact us and we will let you know! Additionally, you can visit our Google Business Page and see a detailed map of our service radius.

Our Service Guarantee

Here at Greeny's, we believe that no client should pay for a service that hasn't worked properly. As part of our service offerings we also provide a re-Service Guarantee, promising to return at no additional cost until you are satisfied with the results. In some rare instances when several attempts at solving a pest issue doesn't work, we will issue a full refund to our client.

Contact Us today to receive a free quote.

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