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  • How often do you recommend treatments?
    Treatment frequency depends on the specific program you decide to go with. Our General Insect Control Program should be applied a minimum of twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall for the best results. Our Rodent Control Program on the other hand should be performed a minimum of 6 times per year when using conventional products or monthly with our pesticide-free program. Finally, our Mosquito & Tick Program should also be applied monthly however this program only runs from May to October.
  • Is it safe for pets and kids?
    Absolutely! In Ontario, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) ensures that licensed pest control companies like ours can only use products approved by Health Canada. We are required to fully adhere to product labels ensuring the safe applications. If safety is still a concern for you, Greeny's Pest Control has gone above and beyond to seek out the newest and safest products which reduces risk even further. Finally, Greeny's follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which reduces the overall use of chemicals by educating consumers on preventative measures they can take to proactively resolve the pest issues they may be facing.
  • Do we need to leave the house?
    In most cases you won't be required to leave the house! In the event that an insect infestation has occurred inside the home and a liquid application is the best treatment option, you may be asked to remain outside long enough to allow the products to dry. On the flip side, we also ask that homeowners also avoid contacting liquids applied to the outside of the home until it is fully dry.
  • What happens if it rains?
    As long as the product has been given adequate time to dry, rain should have little impact on its effectiveness. Our liquid products utilize "Micro-encapsulation" technology, protecting its particles from both liquid and UV degradation. This allows our products to continue working for months after an application!
  • How long does your home insect treatment remain effective?
    Greeny's Insect Control application has a three month residual that continues to work. Using specialized equipment, we apply our products to both your foundation and soffits ensuring multiple layers of protection for your home!
  • How long does a service take?
    The length of each treatment varies slightly depending on the service you have chosen. In general a normal treatment will range from about 30-60 minutes.
  • How much does it cost?
    Because the size of a structure can range so greatly, Greeny's does not offer singular prices for our services. The good news is that we do offer free no-obligation quotes. If you would like to schedule a quote for any one of Greeny's Services, please visit our Contact page.
  • Do we need to be home for the service?
    No! As long as you give Greeny's your permission to treat your home and property while your away, we will gladly perform our work as normal.
  • How do you notify us of an upcoming service?
    Greeny's will send you an automated text message as well as an automated email to remind you of our scheduled arrival.
  • Will we get service notes and a receipt?
    Of course! Greeny's will send you your receipt and our service notes via email within 24 hrs of your service.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Absolutely! Sometimes pest issues can be tricky to resolve on the first attempt. Thats why Greeny's offers its customers up to 2 months of coverage after a treatment has been completed. We promise to return at no additional cost to ensure your pest issues are properly dealt with!
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