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Navigating Squirrel Intrusions: A Comprehensive Guide for Brampton Homeowners

Understanding the Issue: Squirrels on the Roof in your Brampton Home

Squirrels may seem harmless, but when they start inhabiting your roof and soffits, it can lead to various issues. From disturbing noises in the attic to concerns about potential rabies transmission, homeowners in Brampton often find themselves grappling with these challenges.

Identifying the Signs: What Do Squirrels in the Roof Sound Like?

Discerning between normal squirrel activities and signs of infestation is crucial. Squirrels can make scratching, scurrying, or even gnawing sounds. Understanding these auditory cues helps homeowners take proactive measures before the situation escalates.

Preventing Damage: How to Keep Squirrels off the Roof

To ward off squirrels, homeowners can implement preventive measures. Trim overhanging branches, install squirrel-proof bird feeders, and secure potential entry points. Additionally, consider using deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers to discourage their presence.

Dealing with Infestation: Squirrel Exclusion Work

When preventative measures aren't enough and squirrels have already damaged your soffits, exclusion work becomes imperative. This involves using one-way doors, which allow squirrels to exit but not re-enter, paired with meshing to cover potential access points. Once the squirrels are gone, the mesh can be used to reinforce vulnerable areas.

Understanding Squirrels with Rabies

While it's relatively rare for squirrels to carry rabies, understanding the risks is essential. Any erratic behavior, such as aggression or disorientation, should be treated with caution. If you suspect a rabid squirrel, contact local wildlife authorities for assistance.


In conclusion, Brampton homeowners need not be resigned to living with squirrel-related woes. By recognizing the signs, implementing preventive strategies, and, when necessary, employing exclusion techniques, you can reclaim your home from these persistent invaders.

If squirrel-related issues persist in your Brampton home, take the next step by contacting Greeny's Pest Control. Our experts are ready to assess your situation and provide a tailored solution. Don't let squirrels compromise your home's integrity; reach out for a free quote today!

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