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Beware Guelph Home Owners! Do not let SNEAKY Rats Bring Disease Into Your Home!

Rats in Guelph: A Quick Introduction

Your home, a sanctuary of warmth and stability, can swiftly turn chaotic when overrun by rodents like rats and mice, compromising your comfort and the freedom it should provide. These seemingly innocuous creatures depicted in cartoons can transform into more than just a nuisance when they infiltrate your living space. Today, we'll delve into how these pests can bring diseases and the negative consequences of a rodent infestation.

Rat on Dirty Countertop Eating Food from Plate - Guelph Pest Control
Uninvited Guests: Rats in Guelph - A glimpse into the hidden dangers lurking in our homes.

The TRUTH about Rats and Mice in your home

Rats and mice have been a health risk to humans for thousands of years. These slimy little creatures don’t carry the black plague with them anymore, but different diseases are still circulating within their population. Here is a list of some of the different problems they give when invading your home:

Hantavirus is an extremely serious lung disease that occurs when you come in contact with urine, droppings, or saliva causing respiratory illnesses. Here is a publication by the Government of Ontario of all the symptoms and health risks involved with Hantavirus.

Hantavirus - Diseases and Conditions - Publications - Public Information - MOHLTC (

Salmonellosis, ingesting food or water contaminated with feces leads to this bacterial disease. This is the most common disease affiliated with rodent infestations and can lead to excessive vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Provided below is an in-depth analysis by the government of Ontario.

Salmonella Bacteria - Diseases and Conditions - Publications - Public Information - MOHLTC (

Leptospirosis, which can infect your kidney and liver through exposure of their urine and like the other mentioned diseases is spread through contaminated food or water. Down below is another informative page on the symptoms and spread of the disease.

Leptospirosis -

Feces Issue: Rodent invasions bring feces problems. Small, dark droppings, often near food/nesting areas. This is a major health risk if mishandled.

Odor Trouble: Rodents create a nauseating stench from urine, feces, and themselves. An unmistakable smell indicates infestation. Unpleasant for any home.

Quick Infestation: Rat/mouse populations escalate rapidly. A pair can yield thousands of offspring in a year. A small problem can escalate swiftly.

Yes, Guelph is CRAWLING with Rodents!

While specific rodent statistics in Guelph are hard to obtain, certain trends provide an idea of the rodent situation. Remember, these stats can change yearly due to factors like weather, urbanization, and pest control. These are the current trends in Guelph:

  1. Complaints Rise: Guelph's 311 hotline reports increasing rodent-related complaints, mostly about sightings in residential areas.

  2. Density Growth: As more and more young families move into Guelph, its urban areas become a hub for rodent habitation due to food, shelter, and weather.

  3. Widespread Infestations: Whether you’re at work eating your sandwich on lunch break, or at home spending crucial time with your family. Rodents do not care, they have the capability of infesting both residential and commercial properties with alarming speed..

  4. Climate Impact: Warmer winters and urban growth aid rodent proliferation, leading to year-round breeding and higher populations.

  5. Industry Challenges: Guelph's food-service industry battles rodent infestations, demanding strict pest control for public health.

  6. Health Risks: Ontario's health agencies combat rat/mouse diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus.

  7. Control Measures: Guelph and pest control firms manage rodents via integrated programs, education, and proactive actions.

  8. Prevention: We advise waste disposal, entry point sealing, and cleanliness to deter infestations.

Despite fluctuating populations, collective efforts are vital for effective rodent control. Rodents pose serious threats, and swift infestation escalation is alarming.

For Guelph residents, Greeny's Pest Control is your solution. We have an approach like no other, taking our time to ensure that we provide the best customer experience possible. Every home is different and should be treated as such.

Do not let rodents take over your home, click the link below and take action against these pests!

Greeny's Pest Control Inc. | Contact (

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